Find Uggles Walking Tour

Cats like to hide. It’s what they do! To celebrate the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s recent sesquicentennial, the Undergraduate Library’s feline mascot, Uggles, hid around campus. Together, each of her hiding places form a historic walking tour of campus. So celebrate the sesquicentennial and the warm weather with a stroll around campus to each of Uggles’s hiding spots!

Uggles at the Hallene Gateway

Dedicated October 8, 1998, on the 63rd annual meeting of University of Illinois Foundation, the Hallene Gateway Plaza features the original sandstone portal of the New Main University Hall (the 4th building built on the UIUC campus, in 1871, where…

Uggles at Grainger Engineering Library

Dedicated in 1994, Grainger is the largest engineering library in the country. The ribbon cutting ceremony was performed on a touch-screen computer and when the ribbon was “cut”, fireworks appeared on the screen. In 1994, this was cutting-edge…

Uggles at Alma Mater

Alma was unveiled in June 1929 and was originally placed directly behind Foellinger Auditorium. On August 22, 1962, the Alumni Association moved the sculpture to its present location in front of Altgeld Hall.

Uggles at the Illini Union

The Illini Union opened on February 8th, 1941 and celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2016! “The building was designed in the shape of an ‘I’ to honor the university,” and was dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1942.

Uggles at the Illini Union Bookstore

Named as such in 1940, the bookstore is a “continuation of a book exchange organized in the early 1920s by students at the university.” The Illini Union Bookstore is “one of the largest independent college bookstores in the country.”

Uggles at the English Building

Built in 1905, the English Building has quite the history. Originally serving as a women’s dormitory with a gymnasium and pool, it eventually became the home economics department and was renamed Bevier Hall in 1947. Finally becoming the English…

Uggles at the Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame was a gift from the class of 1912. There is a campus myth that states, “A lover’s kiss will bring eternal bliss,” signifying that if you kiss your lover under the flame, your relationship will last forever. No matter the legend, the…

Uggles at Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall opened in 1911 and has “held theater productions, history museums, libraries, and offices for faculty and staff.” The bust of Lincoln was added in 1928 and has been there ever since, with the exception of one day in 1979 “when thieves…

Uggles at Foellinger Auditorium

Built in 1907, Foellinger has had many famous faces speak and perform within. Among these include: John Phillip Sousa, Jane Addams, Robert Frost, Duke Ellington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ravi Shankar, R. Buckminster Fuller, Maya Angelou, and Bill Gates.

Uggles at Main Library

The Main Library was founded in 1867 and actually pre-dates the University, as the founders wanted students and staff to have access to books and materials “from the day they arrived on campus.” The Library officially opened in 1868, and eventually…

Uggles at the Undergraduate Library

The Undergraduate Library (UGL) was dedicated in November 1969, and the inscription around the top of the courtyard was a gift from the class of 1916. The reason that the UGL was built underground was to avoid casting shade on the Morrow Plots. It…

Uggles at the Morrow Plots

Founded in 1876, the Morrow Plots are the “oldest continually used experimental agricultural fields in the U.S. and the second oldest in the world.”

Uggles at CRCE

. Although it originally opened in 1988, Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE) as we know it today officially opened in March 2005. Along with the usual basketball courts and gyms, CRCE also has an indoor waterslide and a waterfall!

Uggles at Funk ACES Library

Funk Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Library (ACES) was built and dedicated in 2001, and “one of the study rooms on the fourth floor is a gift from the College of Agriculture Class of 1941, honoring their 10 classmates who died in…

Uggles at Grange Grove

This one is a bit of a hike, so feel free to treat it as a bonus stop on the tour! Grange Grove has transformed what was previously Lot 36, into a free, high-energy tailgating area, which students and fans enjoy!