Centennial Park

Centennial Park is the second largest park in the Champaign Park District and has the widest variety of recreation to offer visitors. Centennial Park offers eight lighted tennis courts, one lighted baseball field and five unlighted baseball…

Robeson Meadows West Detention Park

The purpose of a detention park is to hold excess water, especially during floods, so it does not damage residential areas. As a result, it is not advised to play in this park after heavy rain. A leg of the Robeson Meadows West Trail (2 miles)…

Robeson Meadows West Park

Robeson Meadows West Park is situated just west of Hallbeck Park in a residential area. The park has picnic areas, a drinking fountain, and a playground with swings. Robeson Meadows West connects with the Robeson Meadows West Trail (2 miles).

Robeson Park

Robeson Park features wide open space, picnic areas, drinking fountains, a walking path, and a playground with swings and a sand box. The park is adjacent to Robeson Elementary, and contains two unlighted baseball fields and a soccer field. …

Meadows Square Park

Meadows Square Park is a wide open field with some park benches, flower beds, and a drinking fountain.

Hallbeck Park

This park features seven acres of grass, as well as a few picnic tables and a shelter.

Millage Park

Millage Park, which is located on Cherry Creek Rd. and Willoughby Rd., offers a playground with swings, outdoor drinking fountains, and a shelter area. There is a lot of wide open space.

Mini Park IV

Mini Park IV is on the NW corner of Mattis and Kirby. It features a flower bed and some benches.

Greenbelt #1

This park began with 3.05 acres as a partial purchase and partial donation in 1978; Clarence Thompson and his neighbors raised funds. In 1997 .014 acres was added through a license agreement with the City of Champaign. Finally, that same year,…

Wisegarver Park

Wisegarver Park is adjacent to Carrie Busey school, and gives extra land to the school for play. The park offers a soccer field, and an unlighted baseball field. Simon Trail begins (or ends) at Wisegarver Park. The trail is .53 miles…

Mayfair Park

Mayfair Park offers picnic areas, outdoor drinking fountains, a playground with swings, and a short walking trail.

Clark Park

Clark Park features an unlighted basketball court, two unlighted tennis courts, and a sand volleyball court. There is also a 1/3 acre playground. This park also offers picnic areas, outdoor grills, and an outdoor water fountain.

Morrissey Park

Morrissey Park is a large park located in the southern portion of Champaign. It features a picnic area, outdoor grills, and water fountains. There are also a few walking paths and benches. For recreation Morrissey Park offers an unlighted…

Noel Park

In 1981, the Noel Family Trust provided a $224,00 grant to create Noel Park and the Lindsay Tennis Complex. Noel Park is located in the south-east of Champaign. This park features a picnic area, an unlighted baseball field, and a soccer field. …

Moore Park

Moore Park was donated by Harlan E. Moore in 1976. Included in the donation is a trust to upkeep the park. Moore park is located just south of Mattis Park and features a lot of wide open space, a picnic area, and park benches. The Boulware…

Mattis Park

Mattis park is a good place to relax with its wide open spaces, lake, picnic areas with shelters, and outdoor grills. At Mattis Park fishing is permitted in the pond. The park also features many flower and tree gardens with benches. Mattis…

Hessel Park

Hessel Park is a popular gathering place for many residents. The park features an unlighted baseball field, four lighted tennis courts, and two volleyball courts. There is also a waterplay area for children and a playground. Amenities such as a…

Hosier Park

Hosier Park is a small, corner park located across the street to the south from McCollum Park. This small stretch of land is currently host to Kentucky artist Luke Achterberg's sculpture "Fettle," brought to the community by the Public Art…

McCollum Park (Formerly Mini Park VII)

McCollum Park is a long strip of grass with beautiful flowerbeds located next to the railroad tracks on Neil Street. There is a large peacock statue whose tail feathers consist of colorfully arranged flowers.

Mini Park II

Mini Park II features a wide open lawn, a beautiful round flower garden, and a mural painted on the side of an adjacent building.

Firefighter's Park

This park features numerous flowerbeds and shady trees.

Washington Park

Washington Park is home to an unlighted basketball court and two volleyball courts. There is also a picnic area, outdoor grills, and an outdoor water fountain.

Scott Park

Scott park features a playground, an unlighted basketball court, a walking path, and a covered picnic area with outdoor grills and drinking fountains. Scott Park underwent renovation in 2009, coordinating the Champaign Park District Scott Park…

Helms Park

In recent years Helms Park, as well as the adjacent Lo Park, have undergone some beautification efforts. In 1984 the historic Stone Arch Bridge was added through recreation easement by James O'Malley (1). Beginning in 2011 and finishing in…

Lo Park

This park has a pond and a walking path that connects with Helms park to the south. The Stone Arch Bridge, which spans Second Street Basin between Helms and Lo Park, was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1981 (2). Completed…

Skelton Park

This park has lots of wide open space, some flower beds, and a creek running through it.

Stampofski Park

During the summer, this park is filled with flowers.

West Side Park

The land that is now West Side Park was originally set aside as a public square and possible site for the courthouse. It became the first official park in Champaign in 1859. It was originally named White Park after the man who first made the land…