Spalding Park

This Champaign park spans 15.9 acres in northwest Champaign. The first 11 acres were purchased through the Open Space Acquisition Grant Gift - Spalding Trust Funds in 1966. 4.418 acres were acquired from Public Housing in 1976, and another .528 acres were leased from Clark Distributing as of 1977.

Spalding park features a parking area, picnic areas, covered seating, outdoor grills drinking fountains, restrooms, and concessions during peak season.

For recreation the park has a playground, a lighted baseball field, a lighted basketball court, 4 lighted tennis courts, adn a skatepark. The skatepark is 18,000 square feet of concrete with 2 bowls, a snake run, and a street course.

The Spalding Recreation Center was dedicated September 17, 1974, and provides meeting space for clubs and activities.

In January 2012 the Park District decided to close Spalding Pool, the city's oldest pool, due to leaks and poor attendance. Dig It of Champaign was awarded the contract to demolish the pool in the summer of 2013 at a cost of approximately $200,000 (Kacich 2013).

In the early 1970s when the pool first opened, it was a popular year-round attraction. However, the reality of energy costs to maintain a wintertime pool made Spalding Pool a summer time destination (Kacich 2013).

In recent years, the pool needed to be refilled almost every twenty-four hours due to leaks (Kacich 2013). It has not yet been decided what will become of this previously occupied space.



900 North Harris Ave., Champaign IL 61820