Trevett-Finch Park

This Champaign park spans .53 acres. The land was donated by Alma Trevett Gerber. A $15,000 donation was provided by Linda Allen, Claire Robertson, and Carol Rose (daughters of Helen Bess Cone) to develop the park.

In 1857, Trevett-Finch Park was the site Oliver Trevett's farmhouse, situated amid five acres of farmland. The farm stayed with the Trevett family for many generations, and was first passed to Oliver's son John R. Trevett. John Trevett was a founder of the Trevett-Mattis Banking Co. of Champaign, and the father of Helen Mary Trevett. Helen Mary Trevett and her husband, a beloved general practitioner by the name of Dr. James H. Finch, lived in the adjacent brick house at 909 West University Avenue. Built in 1917, the Trevett-Finch house welcomed many generations of children who loved climbing the apple tree and large rock that remain. The Finches' grandchildren donated the property to the City of Champaign in June of 1986 as "a fit return for the happiness and prosperity it has given us."

Today, Trevett-Finch Park is a popular with photographers because of the beautiful old tree that dominates the space.



903 W. University Ave., Champaign, IL 61820