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Greenbelt #1

This Champaign park spans 3.074 acres. The park begain with 3.05 acres as a partial purchase and partial donation in 1978.

This park began with 3.05 acres as a partial purchase and partial donation in 1978; Clarence Thompson and his neighbors raised funds.

In 1997 .014 acres was added through a license agreement with the City of Champaign. Finally, that same year, .01 acres was added when the City of Champaign vacated part of the street.

The Greenbelt #1 park is considered to be the area surrounding the Phinney Branch Creek at Crescent Drive and Broadmoore Drive.

Greenbelt #1 Park includes part of the Roby Trail, which extends for 1.43 miles between Robeson Park and Wisegarver Park. It connects to the Simon Trail (.53 miles), and the Robeson Meadows Trail (2 miles).


Greenbelt #2 While the name of the park is Greenbelt #1 on the Champaign Park District website, the only sign the ExploreCU team could find was for Greenbelt #2. This photograph was taken at the corner of Crescent and Broadmoore Dr. Image courtesy ExploreCU team


This trail passes through 3 parks. Beginning on the North end in Dodds Park on Parkland Way Drive extending to the South for .44 miles. After crossing over Bradley Avenue, it continues through Heritage Park for .65 miles. After passing under Interstate 72 it finishes in Kaufman Park for .35 miles.


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