Judge Webber Park

Established in 1986, Judge King Webber Park spans 82.6 acres.

Along East Perkins Road just east of the Urbana Dog Park site is Judge Webber Park, a 24-acre site that is used by the park district and the East Central lllinois Archery Club.

The park district was unable to fund development of the park site, and it was receiving very little use when the archery club approached the park district in the late 1990s. The park district agreed to enter into an affiliate agreement with the club in 1999 to develop some of the acreage for a shooting range. In exchange, any citizen can join the club, the club offers archery classes for youth and adults for the park district, and the club has paid for improvements. Without this use, the site might have gone unused and under-appreciated.

The late Judge Charles M. Webber and his wife, Lucille, donated
about 14 acres to the park district in 1985. ln 2002, their heirs
arranged transfer of roughly 9 more acres.

Charles Webber was an active civic leader in Champaign-Urbana, and his ancestors had been Champaign County pioneers. He served as county judge from 1934 to 1946. When he died, newspaper articles noted that he had taken pride that only one case from his court was later reversed upon appeal. He was one of the developers of the Lincoln Square indoor shopping mall, one of the first such downtown malls in the state. Newspaper reports say he also indirectly aided park district expansion when he helped negotiate the sale of park district property near Carle Clinic to the clinic, with the proceeds being used to buy land for what became Blair Park. Webber was also involved in developing several residential areas of Urbana.

Judge Webber park is currently in development and therefore is not open to the general public.

Text from Mancuso, Dana L. (Ed.). (2007). A century of growth: the Urbana Park District's first 100 years. Urbana, IL: Urbana Park District.



1701 E Perkins Rd, Urbana, IL 61802