The English Building Ghost

The English Building, originally known as the Women's Building, was dedicated on October 16th, 1905, and served as a women's dormitory until 1937. It also housed a pool and locker rooms on its lower level, and a 92' x 50' gymnasium on the second story (Leetaru 2011).

One of the most notorious ghost stories around campus is about the ghost of a woman who roams the halls of the English Building, and manifests herself in typical ghost fashion with flickering lights, slamming doors, and eerie voices (DAVProductionsLV 2009).

Typical to urban legends, there are many variations of this story. One version is that the woman is said to have committed suicide after discovering that she was pregnant. Unwed and in a time when she would be shunned, she drowned herself in the hall's pool. Some say the drowning was an accident, while others suggest she was murdered. Another version has her jumping out of a third floor window.

The residence hall did indeed have a pool, which lends some credibility to the story; however, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone died in the English Building (DAVProductionsLV 2009).



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