Architecture Building Panels

Artist Frank G. Menconi created these limestone panels in 1927. The panels can be found on the east and west walls of the Architecture Building. They are 24 x 59.25 inches in size.

The Architecture building, also known as "Architecture and Kindred Subjects," was designed in the Georgian Revival style by Charles A. Platt in 1926-1927. Platt, who also designed ten other buildings on campus including the University Library, David Kinley Hall, and Mumford Hall, embedded four panels with medallion portraits of famous architects on the Architecture building. Michelangelo Buonarroti and Michele San Michele are displayed on the west gates, and Christopher Wren and Inigo Jones are on the east gates. Frank G. Menconi, an architectural sculptor based in New York, designed the panels. Menconi was paid $75 (Scheinman 1981, pp. 294).



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