Cycles of Love

Artist Garry R. Bibbs sculpted this artwork. Cycles of Love can be found on the northwest corner of University & Neil Streets in Champaign. The sculpture is sponsored by Busey Bank.

Cycles of Love appears a swirling romantic fantasy from the first moment one lays eyes on it. Located on the corner of University and Neil Streets, its grand movement is striking. There are two human figures inside the sculpture. There are circles surrounding the figures that interact with the sculpture on multiple planes, embracing within this active encircling. From the base of the sculpture, two cylindrical metal piece stretch upwards with a slight arch. Where they meet begins the area of encircling and entangled ‘love.’ Above this moment of figural fantasy more arm-like metal forms stretch upwards. They appear similar to the branches of a tree, almost erupting outwards and upwards so to spread to joy and passion of the figures within the sculpture.

Bibbs discussed the work, saying “it’s this whole idea of the time and intermingling of relationships.” The areas of complexity parallel the complexities of love and interpersonal relationships. There are moments of rest and comfort, contrasted by swirling moments of intensity and confusion. Finally, there are moments when love becomes so intense it can only grow and be shared with others, which is symbolized by the forms atop the piece. The metal constructing the sculpture is silver, and in the daylight reflects the sun intensely. The surface is polished, so that the viewer may see glimpses of himself or herself reflected in the sculpture. By inserting themselves into the sculpture, the viewers may contemplate the place of love in their own life, and reflect on its complexities.



Northwest corner of University & Neil Streets in Champaign