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Double Dutch—A Jump for Joy

Garry R. Bibbs created this piece, sponsored by the First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign-Urbana. It is located on the eastern side of West Side Park in Champaign, IL.

Double Dutch- A Jump for Joy emerges from the ground into a grand arch of a monumental size. At the peak of the arch are two abstract human forms representing youthful individuals. The dramatic lines that cross in the air symbolize a quote the artist heard from a mother in Brooklyn, NY: “When I would look out my window and saw my children jumping rope, then I knew that they were safe.” The figures look like they’re in motion while the jump ropes swirl around them. The arch creates a gateway, inviting the viewer to participate in the jovial activities by walking around and under the work. Bibbs states that “The concept was to capture the joy, happiness and innocence of a child.” The two abstracted figures of children seem to have hair that is flying in the wind as they jump and play. It is possible that their arms are outstretched, inviting others to share in their fun. Their joy is evident to everyone. The metaphorical jump ropes are not simply straight lines, they flow around one another and some elements fly into the air with a vibrant energy.

The metal that constructs the sculpture is silver and shined to reflect the light on a sunny day, drawing in viewers and illuminating their joy with the reflection of the sun. The work emerges from the floral landscaping, high above the viewer’s head stretching around them to the ground on either side. This simple gesture of children playing conjures memories of the past for adults and seems relatable for children who might be at this park to play double dutch.


View of Double Dutch–a Jump for Joy Source: ExploreCU Team


400 W. University Ave., Champaign, IL 61820 | Eastern side of West Side Park


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