Barry Tinsley created this piece, sponsored by One Main Development. This artwork can be found at One Main Plaza in Champaign.

Entrance is a great example of artist Barry Tinsley’s style. Working with geometric metal shapes, he combines elements to create unified monumental sized public works. For this particular work, the forms create a door-size arch that could be an elaborate entrance into a building or to a different place and time. The abstract forms jut out at many angles, but pause at the center space creating a geometrical and linear outline. The entrance is rather daunting, as the work is made from a dark colored metal and the individual elements stick out at sharp angles. At first the work may seem as though it was crudely constructed in another place and time, but with careful consideration the viewer can tell how delicately and strategically the elements are balanced and arranged. There is a sense of motion for the viewer as the follow the path of the entryway. The pieced seem to grow in size from one side to another. Simultaneously they explore different directions of plan, some follow the horizontal path, while others are placed at 90-degree angles.



1 E Main St, Champaign IL, 61820