Artist Gail Simpson from ActualSize Artworks created this piece. Pointless was purchased by One Main Development, Marci Dodds, and Cody Sokolski. The artwork can be found at One Main Plaza in downtown Champaign.

Pointless is a sculpture comprised of many literal points. It is based on a foreshortened spiral staircase. Winding around itself, it sits on its side. The stairs do not begin or end in any specific place. The stairs grow from very small into large realistic sized steps, stopping abruptly at both ends of the sculpture. The final large step is suspended in the air, appearing as though it could continue into the sky. It’s bright blue color contrasts with the lush grass mound where it rests near One Main Plaza in Champaign.

From the end where the stairs are largest, the viewer can look into the spiral and it appears to be an optical illusion. The steps are smooth and flat. If the work were turned on its side the viewer could almost walk up the stairs and be transported into an entirely different place and time. Pointless begs the viewer to question where these stairs are meant to lead, or even where are these stairs supposed to lead. The viewer’s thoughts winding around each other reflecting the way as individuals we grow and change. Our lives go in an annual circular motion while simultaneously things about our lives change. Looking back, we can see a distant reminder of the past. In the same way the smaller stairs appear to shrink but are just barely still visible. Similarly, our past becomes foggy with time, the orientation of the viewer can block parts of the sculpture from view. However, when they shift their perspective, parts in the distance become clearer.



1 E Main St, Champaign, IL 61820 ~ On northeast corner of Neil and Main Streets