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Remembering Horeb

Artist Shawn Morin created this piece, sponsored by the friends of the Public Art League. Remembering Horeb lives at 110 N. Neil Street in Champaign, adjacent to the bar, Quality.

Artist Shawn Morin sees his work as a morphing of figurative, architectural, abstract, and spiritual styles. This synthesis can be seen with the work Remembering Horeb. It stands on the 100 block of Neil Street in Champaign. At first, the work may seem simple, perhaps even minimal. But upon further inspection, the viewer can find complexity in a diversity of materials paired together to create a delicate harmony. The work comprises glacial granite, steel and stainless steel. There are slight variations in color, but there is unity between the elements. The piece stands over 9 feet tall, and commands the attention of the passerby with a stern but thoughtful presence.

The name of the work suggests reverence for a lost friend. In the way that we can quietly contemplate this piece, we can remember a friend who we have lost forever, or simply lost touch with over the years. With the differing elements of the sculpture we can comprise a memory of an individual and their unique qualities that made them special. The monumentality of the piece draws in the viewer to contemplate this unique unity. It also causes the viewer to reflect on the monumental effect individuals have as they pass through our lives. Located along the street, the natural color of the work allows it to almost blend into the trees that line the road. However, once the viewer notices the piece, it is hard to pull away from the strange complexity of this work.




110 North Neil Street, Champaign, IL 61820 | Adjacent to the bar, Quality


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