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New Holland Yellow Dinosaurs

Artist Matt Moyer created this piece, which was purchased by Barham Benefit Group. New Holland Yellow Dinosaurs can be found at the south end of Hessel Park in Champaign.

New Holland Yellow Dinosaurs at first seems confusing given its abstract composition and specific title. This piece is from a series Moyer did titled “Dinosaurs and Small Monuments to Big Machines” that seeks to explore society’s relationship with heavy machinery. He considers the notion that “Society often refers to old machines-both functioning and defunct- as “dinosaurs.” This often manifests itself in both literal and more metaphorical representations. Rigid geometric shapes are suspended in the air by a non-linear thin metal connection. The artist intendeds for the work to be seen as colorful, playful and spatially interactive. Moyer hopes to simultaneously engage the surrounding space and encourage viewers to interact.

Two large yellow abstract shapes anchor the piece to the ground. Both shapes are angular and colored with a matte vibrant yellow. For this particular work, the color yellow was a strategic choice that uses “authentic colors that correspond in industrial manufacturers” (Moyer). From each one emerges a black narrow strip of metal that is augmented incrementally with small brown geometric shapes. At each shape the line shifts slightly in direction, but unifies to create an archway between the bases. The way the pieces interact and shift evokes the shifting of elements within an older machine. Their connections are reminiscent of a time when machines were assembled by hand, each individual component strategically placed. At the same time, the work is bright and inviting. Young children and adults could walk through the archway and observe the work from a variety of angles.


View of New Holland Yellow Dinosaurs Source: ExploreCU Team



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