Artist Beth Nybeck created this piece, sponsored by the Robeson Family Benefit Fund. Stride can be found at One Main Plaza in Champaign in front of the Orpheum Theater.

Stride stands at One Main Plaza in Champaign, in front of Orpheum Children’s Science Museum. The creature faces the street, looking at the passersby. The body of the figure stands on four awkward legs, bent at odd angles. It looks as though it’s a small fledgling animal standing for the first time. Its legs are bend in such a way that it could stand taller to reach its full height, for now it is still emerging and attempting to reach its full potential. Nybeck explains, “This sculpture explores the awkward isolation of moving onward as a unique individual.” The body of the creature is comprised of geometric forms jutting out of the body. These angles and elements represent the coming together of elements that make an individual who they are. The head tilts to the side, appearing to be searching and observing its surroundings. Small ears rest atop the head. The color of the sculpture is a natural brown that covers the smooth texture of the sculpture. Its large size draws attention from the viewer, so they may ponder the transformation the creature is undergoing.

“The spirit of discovery is one that needs to be equipped with courage. The journey of uncovering the unknown is filled with fear and excitement,” Nybeck describes. The sculpture itself doesn’t have an obvious representation to a particular animal or being, its existence is ambiguous. At first, the viewer may be intimidated by the large sculpture with sharp edges, but after moments of observation the earnestness of the creatures struggle become apparent



North of 1 E Main St., Champaign, IL 61820 ~ Located in island of grass in parking lot in front of the Orpheum Theater.