Incursion was created by artist Scott Mental. This sculpture can be found at the corner of Washington and Neil Street in Champaign across from Wedge. This artwork was purchased through a Marajen Stevick Foundation grant through the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois.

The large metal gateway that surrounds a pathway on the corner of Washington and Neil Streets invites viewers to walk through and contemplate how the work interacts with its surroundings. Artist Scott Mental states, “The purpose behind this sculpture is to challenge the viewer to notice the space that surrounds them daily. The artist’s intent is to cause the viewer to re-diagnose the mundane portions of their daily lives. “ Mental seeks to build sculptures that redefine the space that surrounds individuals in their daily lives, but also causes their re-evaluation of the mundane portions of their daily interactions. The space created in the interior of the sculpture allows the viewer to look at and through the work simultaneously. The metal of the sculpture is more industrial looking than the brick buildings of downtown Champaign, but the simplistic nature of the metal allows the sculpture to effectively blend in.

The square shape of the sculpture reflects the edges of the architecture in the surrounding area. The angles of the roof’s edge are reflected in the outer edges of the sculpture. On the interior, large triangular shapes point inwards. Their large angles make them seem unobtrusive, but also point at the viewer as they pass through the negative space. In some ways, these points impede the viewer, but do not cause any physical obstruction or harm. The metal of the sculpture has soft swirling texture that breaks up the flat planes and geometrical elements. The artist intended for the viewer to “look beyond an obvious surface treatment and take the work in as a whole.”



Washington and Neil Streets in Champaign ~ Located on southeast corner of Washington and Neil Streets