The Georgian

The Georgian was built as an academic building in 1925 in Champaign, IL, by Charles A. Platt

The Georgian was built in a time in when the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was enduring a substantial enrollment increase. The purpose of The Georgian was to create a place where students could live close to campus, but not under campus rules. When looking at the Georgian, one might think it is a university building because of the similar resemblance to many campus buildings. This resemblance was purposely implemented because the architect wanted to be consistent with the Georgian Revival style of campus buildings.

The University hired Charles A. Platt, an architect from New York, to be the head supervising architect of many Georgian Revival buildings being built on campus at the time. The Georgian Revival style was chosen to give the University a consistent and prominent look.
The Georgian is a private apartment building, which does not follow the University rules of housing. However, Charles Platt’s outstanding design of the Georgian Revival style made the building blend in with the University very coherently and smoothly. Overall, the Georgian is a great building for students to reside in during their studies.

The Georgian was built to be a private residential apartment building in 1925. The structure stands three stories tall and has symmetrical designs surrounding the outer wall of the building.

Charles Platt’s buildings were designed in the Neo-Colonial mode of Georgian Revival. One can see the hipped roofs, symmetrical facades, and rectangular windows, all of which are common characteristics of the Neo-Colonial mode. The Neo-Colonial mode of Georgian Revival was chosen by the University because this style gave the University a prestigious look that would stand the test of time.


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