Inman Hotel

The Inman Hotel was constructed in 1915 in Classical Revival style.

On March 11, 1915 local businessman George Inman
opened his grand hotel with a magnificent dinner
prepared by a new chef brought straight from Boston.
Over $200,000 was invested in its construction and it
quickly became the most elegant and plush hotel in the
twin cities.

The success of the hotel was closely linked with the
proximity of the Interurban system located next door
that provided streetcar access throughout Champaign-
Urbana as well as regional access to Danville, Decatur,
Springfield and St. Louis which unlike the streetcar
system continued to operate until 1955.

The Inman continued as a hotel until 1974. Before it’s
closure the second floor was renovated as the television
studios for WICD-TV. Longtime weather man Keith
Page used it’s location for a segment where he would
lean out the window and report the current weather
condition. WICD occupied the Inman between 1965
through 1978. Following the hotel and television studio
the space was renovated for the National Academy of



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