Diana and an Ephebe, before 1930

These sculptures were modeled after Italian Prototypes. The two cast concrete figures stand approximately 5' high. Gifted in 1946 by Robert Allerton, these artworks can be found at the Monticello Road entrance.

High up on four-sided pillars, framed by trees at the Allerton Road entrance to the park, are these badly weather-damaged concrete statues representing the mythological Greek goddess of the hunt, Diana (right), and her chaste, athletic young male companion known as an ephebe (left). The loyal hounds placed at their feet lend stability and compositional weight.

As with so many of the objects in the park, these are reproductions, in this case works of English manufacture modeled after Italian baroque prototypes. They came from Allerton's friends Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pike, who took them from their own estate at Lake Forest, Illinois, to present as a gift. From the time of the figures' installation in 1930, Allerton always referred to them as "Charlie and Frances."



515 Old Timber Road, Monticello, IL 61856 ~ These sculptures can be found at the Monticello Road entrance.