Editorial Policy

ExploreCU.org strives to be a trusted resource for residents, newcomers, and visitors to Urbana-Champaign, offering a personal perspective on the local lifestyle, events, and community highlights. This policy applies to all content published on the site, including articles, reviews, photographs, and user comments.

Content Standards

All content shall be thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy. Local occurrences, event details, and lifestyle recommendations will be verified through reliable sources.

Content will be crafted to engage and inform readers, prioritizing originality and a unique voice that reflects the personal experiences and discoveries of the author in Urbana-Champaign.

Ethical Guidelines

Content will be created with respect for the diverse community of Urbana-Champaign. We will avoid material that might be offensive or insensitive to different cultures, beliefs, or lifestyles.

Personal stories or encounters shared will respect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals involved, using pseudonyms or omitting names unless explicit permission has been granted.

Authorship and Plagiarism

All content published will be the original work of the author or properly attributed guest contributors.

Sources of information, quotations, and images not created by the author will be appropriately credited.

Editorial Review Process

As a personal blog, content is primarily created by the site’s author. However, for guest contributions, a review process will ensure alignment with our editorial policy, focusing on accuracy, ethical standards, and quality.

Corrections and Transparency

We commit to correcting any inaccuracies or errors on time. Corrections will be noted within the content, ensuring transparency with our readers.

User-Generated Content and Interaction

Reader comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, we reserve the right to moderate comments to prevent spam, harassment, or offensive content.

Guest contributions may be accepted and will undergo a review process to ensure consistency with our editorial standards.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

ExploreCU.org may occasionally feature sponsored content or advertisements. Such content will be clearly labeled to maintain transparency with our readers.

Conflicts of Interest

Any potential conflicts of interest related to content published on ExploreCU.org will be disclosed, maintaining honesty and trust with our audience.

Data Protection and Privacy

ExploreCU.org is committed to protecting the privacy of our readers. Personal information collected through the site will be used solely for the purpose stated at the time of collection and following our privacy policy.

Update and Review Cycle

This editorial policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure it continues to reflect the goals, standards, and practices of ExploreCU.org.

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